Benefits of working with an offshore team

It's faster and more efficient.
Instead of vetting each individual applicant, negotiating, offering terms and perks, and handling tax, you are dealing with a company who'll deal with all of that as part of their own day-to-day operations.
You'll typically pay a flat fee.
Instead of dealing with multiple salaries and timesheets, you'll pay the company a flat fee to deliver your project.
It's often more stable and reliable.
Naturally, this comes down to the company in question, but you'll generally have assurances that you will have a stacked and experienced team for the duration of the project. If someone drops out through illness, or moves on to another opportunity, they will be replaced by someone else in the company without skipping a beat.
It's your team.
You get to set the culture and expectations. This means that if you have a particular way of doing things, you can establish this from the outset.
Quality Assurance
Yes we can!
Keep working on innovations and give us all your small projects
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